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Even if your diet is above average, and contains organic fruits and vegetables, you are still not getting the basics your body needs for day-to-day health. That’s because the soil your food comes from has been stripped of vitamins and minerals from years of over farming and rampant pesticide abuse.

Furthermore, by the time you pick your food up at the store, the vitamins and minerals have depleted even further. They are simply not fresh from the field.

Cooking and storing also kills valuable enzymes making your seemingly healthy fruit or vegetable a nutrient devoid husk.

But there is good news…


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“I have really enjoyed using these probiotics. They have really helped my stomach issues and made me much more regular. And that 40 billion active culture bacteria is worth 4 traditional 10 billion pills that are sold in stores. so now I only have to take one pill versus four. Which has saved me a lot of money.”

John A. Williams (NATROGIX Probiotics 40 Billion)

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